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2007-12-21 12:11:02 by Reeoz

I know nobody cares, but what the hell. DBZ:TROD is delayed because i'm going to Germany on January. I'm also redoing it. EVERYTHING.

DBZ TROD is on the way! I'm half way to the end, i hope i finish it for christmas!


2007-10-01 20:09:45 by Reeoz

I'm delayed with DBZ: the rise of darkness. (i´m making an English project in flash, and i'm going on vacations for the next weeks) Whoever wants to see what i've done, you can click here to see it!

New Proyect!

2007-09-12 22:03:17 by Reeoz

Forget about what I wrote before. I'm not finishin Fight on Namek until I finish my new proyect:
DBZ: The Rise of Darkness. I swear it'll be great, an million times better than my only submission. I'm also thinking on a Naruto vs. Goku fight. What do you think?

: sorry, I still can't get to submit a good image

New Proyect!

I made it like five seconds longer, but it is still not done. Help me finshing it by getting the Kamehameha sound, please! My idea for the ending is that both are ssj3 and namek is destroyed by a spirit bomb. they both end up flying in space, and one tells the other: "your fault"